10th Anniversary Show!

Time Flies

Can you believe it? I started on ASK1RADIO
back in 2011 – TEN YEARS AGO!

Here’s my 10th ANNIVERSARY SHOW!!

This is the January 5, 2022 edition of REV. ELIOT’S MAGICKAL WINDOW on ASK1RADIO (show No. 340). In this show I celebrate TEN MARVELOUS, WONDROUS, MAGICKAL YEARS of free tarot readings for listeners and callers around the world. I open by reading a selection from by book/CD set REV. ELIOT’S MAGICKAL WINDOW – dedicated to the A1R audience who inspired me to create the set. Find information on this and other OCCULT BOOKS and ITEMS at: mojoacademy.org and magick-works.com. And as always, my deepest thanks to all the folks as ASK1RADIO (ask1radio.com) and to listeners all over the world!

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