A Healing Meditation

A powerful healing meditation that will guide you into a state of relaxation as you “commune” with your body on a cellular level. If you know how, extract the audio and put it on an iPod-type personal player then listen to this at night in the dark You will very likely fall asleep. Good! That indicates relaxation. THIS is my favorite meditation!


Healing Forces
By Lloyd Kenyon Jones

Healing Forces

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“God never intended people to be sick.”

With this stunning, startling declaration, the great writer Lloyd Kenyon Jones began his 1919 book HEALING FORCES. In it’s gripping narrative, Jones chronicles his experiences with Spirit Healing. Not “Faith” Healing, but the use of the universal Healing Force available to all of us. This long-out-of-print book is a MUST READ for all who want to look beyond the purely physical response to illness, typified then and now by allopathic medicine. In this book you will learn about the HEALERS among us who lend their energy to others – even if the healers do not know they are doing so! You will read about the spirit doctors who began on the Earth-plane and – amazingly! – continue their healing from the other side. The revelations in this slim volume are awe-inspiring!

If you want to know what illness IS, and not just how to react to it, this is the book for you.

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