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Some Biographical Detail Pertaining To The Life
Of Rev. E. M. Camarena, DBS, DD, Ph.D
Rev. Eliot In A Nutshell…

First and foremost, let me right at the top plead guilty to being a Native New Yorker; that rare beast who both was born in this crazy town and remains here still. Over the course of my years on this plane of existence, I have enjoyed many fascinating careers, starting as a child actor in a brief spate of completely forgotten TV commercials. As an adult I have had success in many endeavors, perhaps as a result of my religious practices, which boil down to Magick Ritual.

I have worked as a marketing/advertising executive and speechwriter. I have written and sold a half dozen screenplays, collaborated on several others, and have done plenty of confidential work as a “Play Doctor.” Of late, my wife of over 30 years and I work as business consultants, documentary filmmakers, graphic designers and publishers of a highly esteemed community newspaper. But I sense that you wish to know about that collar I wear. I am indeed a Priest, ordained quite a number of years ago by the prestigious (sadly now disbanded) Progressive Universal Life Church in California and the ULC Seminary.

As an Occult Priest, I have earned a Doctorate in Biblical Studies, a Doctor of Divinity degree and I have earned a Ph.D. in the field of Astral Projection. Yet beneath the alphabet soup I remain but a humble practitioner of the Right Hand Path; a Thaumaturge, if you will. Yes, I perform Esoteric Ritual – both for myself and for the needs of others, but most of all, I seek truth. Often in this hectic life, we forget the important things. In my mind, it matters far less that we know all the answers, but more so that we come to understand the questions.

On this website you will see who I am, what I do, and perhaps most important, what I can do for you. If you have been interested in Magick Ritual and/or Kabbalah – perhaps we can teach each other a few things. Never hesitate to contact me if you find yourself in need of my services. To see what skills I have honed, just click any of the categories in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

My books (and many occult classics) may be found HERE.

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To contact me, send an email to: asktarot@earthlink.net

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