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A talisman is a symbol or symbolic object — a jewel, a metal, a circular piece of vellum or parchment — charged or impregnated with the particular force which is referred to it. One definition describes a talisman as a “dead thing, impure, valueless and powerless” which by means of Magic, that is an act of will, usually ceremonially operated, is transformed into a “living thing, active, invaluable and thaumaturgic.” The symbol or object itself has not the least value. The talisman is powerless until it has been consecrated and been made the vehicle of the appropriate type of forces. – Israel Regardie


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Remember as a kid when you had a lucky rabbit’s foot? Or a lucky penny, or a horseshoe? Or ALL of these? If you never thought of your trinkets as Talismans, think again! If you take even a quick look around, you will find TALISMANIC MAGICK, as old as humanity itself, EVERYWHERE! Colorful paintings on the sides of Pennsylvania Dutch barns… Crosses & Stars on religious buildings… The Great Seal of the United States printed on our money… Talismans All!

A talisman can range from the simple, such as a square of parchment with your goal written on it with ESOTERIC INK, to the elaborate, like the engraved occult medallions on sale from esoteric merchants.  By the way, if written on parchment, we then call a talisman a SEAL.

In Days of Yore, most people had knowledge of the Science and Art of fashioning talismans. To this day, many talismans derive from ancient texts like the Key of Solomon The King (Lesser and Greater) and the 6th & 7th BOOKS OF MOSES. But over time we lost the skill. Only Esoteric Practitioners kept the flame alive.

Whatever the need, you can locate or construct a seal or talisman to fill the bill.  But Talismanic Magick means more than copying a design from a book or buying a medal in an occult shop. For effectiveness, the Ancients contended, a talisman had to undergo a rite that CHARGED it with power.  They did this with a ritual that conformed to the need of the operator (i.e., they charged a talisman for Love in a ritual relating to the planet Venus).  Although any reputable Esoteric Practitioner can charge a seal or a talisman for you, many valid reasons exist, all grounded in tradition, for you to do the charging operation yourself.

Charging Your Own Talisman

To better understand charging, think of it as a form of CONSECRATION, similar to what a Priest does when blessing a house or a medal.  You perform a ritual in which you declare, “I solemnly devote this object” to a specific purpose. When you charge your talisman in a personalized ritual tailored to your needs and goals, you imbue it and yourself with POSITIVE ENERGY related to your goal.


Talismans From The Famed 6th & 7th Books of Moses

Many Esoteric Practitioners will tell you that once charged, a talisman actually lives! Others believe that the charged talisman works because it attracts spirits.  For now, let’s put it this way: say you want a promotion at work. You obtain the appropriate uncharged talisman relating to work and success. With it comes a ritual to work at the proper time. While working the ritual, you steep yourself in your goal. The specially chosen oils, incense and candles in the ritual all remind you of your goal. Your goal fills your mind; suffusing your very existence! At the end of the ritual, you have a CHARGED TALISMAN! In the future, every time you look at your talisman or handle it, your mind will hearken back to the charging ritual and from there, to your goal. Your DETERMINATION to get what you want grows STRONGER! You apply yourself to the goal with new vigor and dedication!

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