Arthur Conan Doyle

So… what has the creator of Sherlock Holmes got to do with MAGICK, THE PSYCHIC WORLD, and MYSTICISM? Allow him to tell you himself (following his discourse on a certain Consulting Detective):

Conan Doyle’s last published work was a collection of essays called THE EDGE OF THE UNKNOWN in which he examined some topics relating to the Spiritual world. To see these for yourself, just click the book cover:

Edge of the Unknown 1930

Doyle Psychic Experience

Conan Doyle Shadow 2“Apart from the ordinary phenomena of the séance room, my life has not given me much direct psychic experience. I have, so far as I know, no spiritual gifts myself and none of that psychic atmosphere which gives a tinge of romance to so many lives. There have, however, been occasions when without the aid of a medium I have been sensitive to the unknown.
“One instance occurred some years ago. It was in my bedroom at Crowborough. I wakened in the night with the clear consciousness that there was someone in the room, and that the presence was not of this world. I was lying with my back to the room, acutely awake, but utterly unable to move. It was physically impossible for me to turn my body and face this visitor. I heard measured steps across the room. I was conscious (without seeing it) that someone was bending over me, and then I heard a voice saying in a loud whisper, “Doyle, I come to tell you that I am sorry.” A minute later my disability disappeared, and I was able to turn, but all was black darkness and perfectly still. My wife had not awakened, and knew nothing of what had passed.
“It was no dream, I was perfectly conscious all the time. My visitor gave no name, but I felt that it was a certain individual to whom I had tried to give psychic consolation when he was bereaved. He rejected my advances with some contempt and died himself shortly afterwards. It may well be that he wished to express regret. As to my own paralysis it came, I have no doubt, from the fact that the power for the manifestation had been drawn out of ME. When spirit manifests upon the physical plane it has to draw its matter from a material source, and I was the obvious one. It is the one occasion upon which I have been used as a physical medium, and I am content that it should be the last.”

The Riddle of Houdini, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Click the image ☝︎to read about one of the most controversial (to this day!) friendships ever in the public eye. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote of a side of Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz) that few people knew…

For a little something extra, here’s Orson Welles as Sherlock Holmes in the 1938 radio broadcast of THE IMMORTAL SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Welles Holmes

Click The Image To Hear The Show

Featured in the show:
Sherlock Holmes: Orson Welles
Dr. Watson: Ray Collins
Alice Faulkner: Mary Taylor
Madge Larrabee: Brenda Forbes
James Larrabee: Edgar Barrier
Inspector Forman: Morgan Farley
Craigin: Richard Wilson
Bassick: Alfred Shirley
Leary: William Allen
Billy: Arthur Anderson
Professor Moriarty: Eustace Wyatt

ALSO worth noting:
Announcer: Frank Gallop
Director: Orson Welles
Playwright: William Gillette, Arthur Conan Doyle
Music director: Bernard Herrmann

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