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Okay, folks. You meet someone who says that there is someone who has passed over to the other side and is now desperately trying to reach you. You do in fact have a dear friend or family member who has died. What a surprise! Who doesn’t know someone who has recently died? But the person who accosts you has a forceful personality and you still hold a measure of grief… so the next thing you know you find yourself sitting in a darkened room, soft music plays, the air sweet with wafting smoke from Oriental incense and soon… your bank account is a few hundred bucks lighter than it was before you fell for this.

Listen up: People we met during that vacation in Yosemite, people who promised to keep in touch, never got back to us. That charming couple you spent time with on the cruise never returned your post-vacation emails. Your old army buddies who swore friendship forever…. Some interesting people you knew from that time on Jury Duty… from college… from your last job… You hear from none of them. Sound familiar?  – people on the Earthly Plane hardly ever keep in contact with others, so why do we expect people who have moved on to an entirely different plane of existence to get back to us?seancegame

That said, I certainly do not mean to imply that there is no “afterlife,” because too many unexplainable things have that point to survival have happened throughout history. But to think that entities who once were, say, your brother-in-law the Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 12.37.38 PMreckless driver, to think they should be sitting somewhere in Eternity thinking of you but unable to reach you except through some stranger decked out in a turban? Come on. And you have to pay for the privilege? What is this “clairvoyant” person anyway? Sprint or Verizon for the dead? You know better. Yes, the continuance of the soul after earthly time has elapsed (ok, after dying. Death. Why do we all shy away from that word? How many euphemisms for death can you come up with? Let me know…) Better you should get a few books on the subject of seances and such and try it out yourself. I can guide you as to the way to go – for no money, mind you – so you can try. Even if the only contact you make with a dead loved-one is all coming from your unconscious memories, so what? That’s still contact as far as I’m concerned. Big deal that it comes from your mind. Everything we perceive in life happens in our mind. It’s all an illusion of the Central Nervous System anyway. You can also make contact with the dead through Lucid Dreaming – a subject I have been threatening to write a book on for more years than I like to count. But I will. I will…

The Talking Board Serving Tray!

Talking Board Tray

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Colorful Talking Board Tray

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