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Debunking BannerHere’s a fabulous and fascinating talk from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake in which a true scientist takes Fundamentalist Materialism’s cadre of professional skeptics out to the woodshed to wittily rip them a new one.

Of special interest is the way Randall Zwinge (aka The Amazing Randi) reveals himself as an out-and-out liar, particularly when cornered with facts.

For more on the blatant fraudulence, duplicity, deceitfulness, and deception of the charlatan Zwinge, including his phony “Million Dollar Challenge,” see my own book on telekinesis… Bending Spoons With Your Mind (And Other Miracles of Mind Power)

Bending Spoons

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And now enjoy Rupert Sheldrake’s engrossing and engaging talk that exposes the fakery of the people who ignore science and shout “fakery” whenever they cannot fit obvious facts into their drastically dogmatic belief system.
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