Extra Sensory Perception… ESP… often called the sixth sense, ESP functions more like our first sense, generally alerting us to things we barely notice. Upon just TARGentering a room, we often get “the vibes” of the place. Is it welcoming? Comforting? Should we relax or be on our guard? That’s ESP in action. Just glancing at a person can frequently spark an immediate feelings such as love, fear, interest, danger… and many people will ignore that! Why? Such incidents have happened to all of us and literature records these happenings as far back as people could write. Noted scientist Russell Targ has thoroughly investigated ESP at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute. And he is not alone in finding that there is more evidence of the existence of ESP than there is that an Aspirin a day will deter heart attacks. Yet one is recommended to millions of people and the other is denied. In Targ’s fascinating book THE REALITY OF ESP he tells of the many scientific experiments that confirm the power of ESP. This power takes so many forms. Clairvoyance… psychometry… clairaudience… telepathy… prophetic dreams… and the good old fashioned hunch. Once, back in my days in the entertainment business, a film director told me about finding the perfect actor for a movie set to shoot in a few days. I told her that she should get a replacement ready because that actor will not show up. I had picked up a very definite image of the film not proceeding because the actor simply failed to appear. The director didn’t believe me. But that is precisely what happened. We all can tell stories of having hunches that turned out to be correct. It is so common that most people never connect this to ESP.

Through the centuries, people have used aids to enhance ESP. Things like Tarot, Pendulums, Magick Mirrors, and Crystal Balls will focus our attention and abilities, snapping them into clarity. The control of this power will open up many wonderful opportunities for anyone who takes the time to work on it. First though, one must know about the various forms ESP takes. Then, see which is your strong-point and develop it. The single best book I ever found on the subject is HUNCHES by Lloyd Kenyon Jones, written back in the 1930s.

HUNCHES Front Cover Art

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When the good people at Mojo Bros Books decided to reprint this unjustly forgotten volume, they sent me an original copy with the request that I write an all-new introduction. I agreed, because I had done this with several other reprints. But as I read HUNCHES it didn’t take long for me to see that this book needed no help from me! This is the sort of book I wish I had seen years ago. So the publishers released it as it appeared in 1938, with one change: I suggested that they illustrate the book with photographs that illustrate the examples of ESP related by the writer. And I am happy to say they did just that.

Hunches Pages

Now Illustrated With Contemporary Photographs!

This new illustrated edition of HUNCHES swiftly became the top selling Mojo Bros. book – selling even better than my own books! I cannot recommend it highly enough. With HUNCHES you will identify your own psychic abilities and you will develop them. The key to all talent is developing it and using it wisely. On another page, I tell the story of a natural psychic I knew – a fellow named Joe. Sadly, he never learned how to harness and develop his powers. Once we develop these powers, the sky’s the limit! Yes, people will scoff at you. Just like the movie director did when I told her that he main actor would bail out. But soon enough, people will come to see your power and respect it. Then they will come to you for advice! It always works that way.

Are Your Dreams
Talking To YOU?

HUNCHES will help you work at full power. Even while you sleep! To that end, the writer included a classic DREAM BOOK to help interpret the dreams we have. This fascinating section lists the meaning of almost 1,000 things that appear in our dreams and guides you to understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you. Because of social pressures, we all tend to repress our normal, natural psychic powers. Well dreams let us cut loose! One of the very best ways to begin learning the power of the mind is to remember dreams. To do that, keep a notebook handy right by the bed. As soon as you waken, write down what you dreamed. As we begin moving our arms and legs, the brain becomes preoccupied with the physical and that’s why dreams evanesce so quickly after awakening. Keeping a journal will heighten dream power! And using the Dream Book in Hunches will present a true revelation!

Hunches DREAM


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