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Q:  Tell me, Rev. Eliot, how close are we to the end of the world?
                                                                     – HJ in Pipestone, Minnesota

A:  Well, HJ, we’re sure as heck closer than we were 5 minutes ago.


Q:  If Magick works, why don’t you use it to make yourself rich and powerful?                                                                                                   –  JCA, Hoboken, New Jersey

A: Magick Ritual is not about grasping greed. It is about helping you grow spiritually. It gets you what you need rather than fulfills crass, materialist fantasies. With magick, always work for things that fall within your means. Meaning: Don’t do magick to get a yacht if you have no place to berth it and no crew to run it and cannot afford these things. And one more thing, JCA… how exactly do you know that I am not rich and powerful?


Q:  I hear that this stuff is Satan worship. Is it?
                                             – KU, Buffalo, New York

A:  Of course not. That’s the short answer. The slightly more complex answer is that Satan as most folks conceive him/her was created by the early Christian hierarchy from several pagan gods, most notably Pan. This deliberate demonizing of previous gods made it easier to promote the new gods, even while preaching monotheism. That said, I do believe that malevolent and deadly spirits exist. Non-Christians do not “worship” them but they will use them to hurt people. This is truly dangerous and playing with the worst sort of fire.
Rev. Eliot’s 3rd Rule of Life:
Don’t EVER try to exploit forces that have a longer history of doing harm in the world than you do.
Unless you are a few thousand years old, stay with positive Magick. 


Q:  Is telekinesis real? I mean REALLY real?                                                                                                                            –  Pancho V, Tijuana

A: Telekinesis is definitely REAL. Look at this video. During what was meant as only a lighting test, I manipulate the PSI wheel in accordance to my will. I cropped out the top because I did not intend to keep this lighting test and thus… neglected to shave and organize what’s left of my hair. This way I focus in on the wheel.

Anyone wanting to learn how to do this need only look at my book on the subject. Click the image ☟ for more information.

Bending Spoons

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Q:  How does Tarot work?
   – ML, Grand Junction, Colorado

A:  That’s a question that has occupied many of the world’s greatest minds for centuries. Scientists like the famed psychiatrist C.G. Jung believed that everything in the universe connects with everything else that happens at a given moment. To explain this, Dr. Jung coined the term SYNCHRONICITY – a word now so debased that it often gets used as a synonym for coincidence. This short answer does not even begin to scratch the surface! To really get into it, I humbly suggest you get a copy of my book/CD set: Rev. Eliot’s Magickal Window. In this set, I dig into the roots and philosophy of Tarot.

book and disc copy

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