Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

So many people have filled their life with the search for happiness that they lose sight of their purpose. In our culture, for years unscrupulous people have used the deep desire for happiness to take advantage of others. We see it in advertising more than anywhere else. Every few months people go into a tizzy over some new product which they hadn’t even heard of just days before. And they must have it or they feel deprived and… unhappy.

To help sort out the search for happiness I now present a talk by the monk named Ajarn Brahm. For an hour, Ajarn Brahm delivers a humorous look at the search for happiness; a talk based on his own experiences and those of people he has encountered. I find listening to this talk a highly rewarding experience, and I listen over and over, always finding more whenever I listen. Naturally, I want to share it with as many people as possible.

So click the image of Ajarn Brahm ☟ and settle in for a profound, enjoyable, charming, and utterly truthful look at the search for happiness.

Ajarn Brahm


For more on the seemingly-eternal search for happiness – plus the way happiness gets linked to fear (and the way those unscrupulous people use this to manipulate us), I recommend my book on  Magick  and  life:

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