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Well here’s something that goes WAY beyond ESP or Spoon Bending or clairvoyance: A BBC presentation shows the life-saving potential of MIND POWER within all of us. We urge everyone to make time to see this hour-long, in-depth look at the power of the mind to heal the body. What science calls The Placebo Effect.


The Placebo Effect has not received much study, though for over a century all medical tests of new drugs have shown that many people treated with a sugar pill get the same results intended by, and caused in others by, the actual medication. Now Placebo has started to get a serious look by medical scientists. Why it took so long to study Placebo should be no mystery. Americans spend an average of $1,010.90 per year per person on pharmaceuticals. The rest of the world lags behind us but we can best describe the overall market as mind-blowing:

Drug sales

Drug Expenditure Per Person Per Year (2011) – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

We can easily see how the knowledge and application of the mind’s power to heal would cause massive economic upheaval to those people who profit handsomely from health and illness.

If this interests you, as it does me, clear your schedule for an hour to take a look at this enlightening program. One day, the information it conveys may save your life… 


In 2009 Dr. Irving Kirsch stumbled onto something that made international Emperor's New Drugsheadlines. While studying The Placebo Effect he sent a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT request to the Food and Drug Administration to obtain all the UNPUBLISHED pharmaceutical tests of several top antidepressant drugs.

ASIDE: Contrary to popular belief, the FDA does ABSOLUTELY NO TESTING of new drugs. ALL the testing is done by the DRUG MANUFACTURERS and sent to the FDA for appraisal. So the deck can be stacked quite easily.

What Dr. Kirsch and his team discovered when they went over the data shocked them. In the records of the double-blind tests against a placebo, it turned out that popular antidepressant drugs such as Prozac… HAVE NO MORE RESULTS ON A PATIENT THAN THAT OF PLACEBO. These drugs do not have any medical value in and of themselves. They merely trigger the body to heal itself exactly as a sugar pill does. 

In this talk, Dr. Kirsch explains what he discovered and how he did it. He references things mentioned in the video at the top of the page, such as the efficacy of SHAM SURGERY. As SHAMANS and OCCULT PRACTITIONERS have known for centuries, the human body has enormous power to heal itself PROVIDED WE ACCEPT THAT POWER IS REAL. As scientists now reluctantly have come to understand, it is THE PLACEBO EFFECT that they need to study. Of course, you can immediately see why the drug makers don’t want that to happen…

This enlightening and entertaining talk is worth listening to! A true eye-opener.

Irving Kirsch: The Emperor’s New Drugs


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Anatomy of an Illness

For a first-hand look at using the mind to overcome illness, one need look no further than “Anatomy of an Illness” by the famed editor and publisher Norman Cousins. Medical science gave him a death sentence upon diagnosis, and he just refused to accept it. In his book he details what steps he took to defy all the “experts” and walk out of the hospital and live many, many years after. He was diagnosed as TERMINAL in 1964. Mr. Cousins lived till 1990…
In 1984, 20 years after his “death sentence,” Mr. Cousins saw his book adapted into an entertaining, informative, and highly regarded TV movie:

Anatomy of an Illness

Rossi Book

Another book, more scholarly but just as rewarding, on the concept of mind and healing is The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis” by noted hypnotist Ernest Lawrence Rossi. Many of the hypotheses that Rossi proposed when his book appeared in 1986 have since been confirmed. Rossi demonstrated that a mind-body connection can be seen, measured and accessed through hypnosis. After establishing that it is possible to use the mind to heal body illness, Rossi offers techniques that can help.


Healing Meditation

A powerful healing meditation that will guide you into a state of relaxation as you “commune” with your body on a cellular level. If you know how, extract the audio and put it on an iPod-type personal player then listen to this at night in the dark You will very likely fall asleep. Good! That indicates relaxation. This is my absolute favorite meditation!
As we see from all the posts above, healing starts with:



The opposite of the healing force called PLACEBO is… NOCEBO and it can kill you!
Yes, our THOUGHTS can indeed kill us. Not only do FEAR and STRESS stop our immune system from working, THE BELIEF THAT YOU ARE DYING CAN BE FATAL IN AND OF ITSELF. In one notorious case, a physician told his patient that he had a cancer that would kill him soon. The man withered away and, sadly, he died. To the physician’s horror, an autopsy revealed not a trace of any cancerous condition. The doctor had a very hard time practicing medicine again, so deeply did this weigh on his conscience.
Here is an article on NOCEBO:


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A Personal Story

   Not that many years ago, I woke up one morning suffering a horrific pain. Out of nowhere, it felt as though some sadistic unseen hand had taken hold of a red-hot fireplace poker and started rubbing it across the middle of my torso. The burning pain surpassed any I had ever encountered. I tried all manner of pain-killers. Nothing helped. I needed expert help, that was for sure. A visit to New York City’s top pain-management doctor followed (how my wife arranged that meeting is a horror story in and of itself!), and the doctor examined me then gravely pronounced a diagnosis. I had been stricken with a disease called: RADICULOPATHY – more commonly known as a pinched nerve. He then delivered the grim news that this condition is incurable. Permanent. “Yes,” he answered when I asked this never goes away. He then offered me prescriptions for a host of palliatives, mostly heavy-duty narcotics, and said I would need to remain on these potent drugs for the rest of my life.

   I began taking the pain medication (what choice did I have?) and it relieved much of the agony, but the pain itself remained – never, according to the specialist, to goRev. Eliot Explains It All away. With nothing to lose, I decided to attempt something radical, meaning I would go to the root of all pain: my nervous system. This discussion, of course, is not the place for the intricacies of my plan. But in a nutshell: all we ever experience of the world, of the entire universe, is that which our brain tells us. Of the billions of pieces of information we perceive though our senses every second, our brain sifts out all but that which we consider necessary. Without this filter, the Universe would seem unruly, chaotic, and disordered. Psychedelic (meaning mind clearing) drugs will remove this filter and allow us to experience a more realistic version of the world around us, but this experience can be so shattering that even the much-demonized Dr. Timothy Leary strenuously opposed the use of drugs like LSD without a clinical setting and a trained guide leading the user. It was Leary’s famous SET AND SETTING dictum, largely ignored by sensationalist media. I go into the nature of reality in my book REV. ELIOT EXPLAINS IT ALL, but as I said, that is a discussion for another time and place.

   For now, just consider my plight. Extreme agony, longterm pain, pain never to go away. All stemming from a disease I had never heard of till that dire moment in the doctor’s office. And I had paper that allowed me to spend the rest of my life on heavy duty narcotics. The moment that spurred me into action came when my “Primary Care Physician” told me that I was too young to spend the rest of my life on narcotics. As a man then in his mid-50s, hearing that I was too young for something lifted my spirits – for about 32 seconds. But it led me to do some basic did research into the drugs to which I would, in theory, remain tethered for the rest of my life. What do narcotics do, anyway? They dull the brain – the source of all perceptions and feelings. Yet at no time had I read anything about the mind. It seemed to me as if the notorious Cartesian Deal in which philosopher Rene Descartes sought to temper the wrath of the Roman Church by agree in that all Have You Found Secret Pagethings “spiritual” will belong to the church and that which people may measure, weigh, and calibrate belong to “science.” This is, of course, a simplification, but that’s the crux of the deal and it still applies today – with the good people of science not just avoiding all that smacks of metaphysics, but blatantly and enthusiastically attacking and denying such ideas. Only the emergence of Quantum Mechanics, the Quantum Field Theory of physics, has begun to put the pieces together. Yet to this day – as you will see in the documentary on PLACEBO above, science sees the brain as a clump of meat, and the mind as a nebulous thing best left to the “voodoo” of psychiatrists who now prescribe drugs to alter the brain as a “cure” for all manner of psychiatric ills. This completely ignores the role of the mind. As a working Occultist, I had solid experience in using and redirecting my mind; in altering my perception in accordance with my WILL. 

   And when that realization hit me, I turned to my mind for help. I found a guided meditation exercise – one that used the mind to move the brain from its normal hectic BETA Wave condition into the ALPHA state. And I focused on the area of pain – telling my mind that the pain simply did not exist. As an attuned Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, I also used REIKI energy in my visualizations.

   Within a few weeks of beginning the meditation exercises, the awful, agonizing pain… disappeared. I didn’t know how long that remission would last, so I awaited the pain’s return, all the while reinforcing the IMAGE of the pain having left my body – and to this day, that pain has never come back.

   With some trepidation, on my next visit with the pain specialist I told him that the incurable condition was now gone. I had no pain. He expressed disbelief, and performed some tests. He confirmed, according to his measurements (science again!), that the pain had indeed stopped. And what happened then? Did the doctor hail this seemingly miraculous cure of a so-called incurable condition? Did he see himself as someone who had discovered a patient who had effected a cure? Would his name and mine get plastered across the most prestigious medical literature? No. Nothing of the kind even occurred to the doctor. He just told me, ruefully, that I clearly never really had a case of radiculopathy in the first place. He knew this beyond doubt because… radiculopathy cannot be cured – thus I had suffered from something else – something unknown, but something which mercifully had gone away just as mysteriously as it had arrived. Since this condition no longer existed, the doctor had no way to determine what it had been. He just seemed irked that I made him think that I had one disease, but it turned out to be something else. How could I have played such a cruel trick on such an eminent physician?

   No, I never told the doctor about the meditations. I never mentioned that I had visualized MIND energy removing the pain. I knew I had absolutely no chance of getting the doctor to accept this – he’d sooner consider that he made a wrong diagnosis than hear of the possibility that I had used my mind to recover and reverse an irreversible condition. I would, alas, not enter the annals of medical science after all. I would not be next month’s centerfold in The Lancet. All hope of making the cover of The American Journal of Medicine vanished. But who cares? Not having to endure that ever-present, searing agony in my torso was – and remains – reward enough.

Healing Forces
By Lloyd Kenyon Jones

Healing Forces

Click The Image To See HEALING FORCES

“God never intended people to be sick.”

With this stunning declaration, the great writer Lloyd Kenyon Jones began his 1919 book HEALING FORCES. In this gripping narrative, Jones chronicles his experiences with Spirit Healing. Not “Faith” Healing, but the use of the universal Healing Force available to all of us. This long-out-of-print book is a MUST READ for all who want to look beyond the purely physical response to illness, typified then and now by allopathic medicine. In this book you will learn about the HEALERS among us who lend their energy to others – even if the healers do not know they are doing so! You will read about the spirit doctors who began on the Earth-plane and – amazingly! – continue their healing from the other side. The revelations in this slim volume are awe-inspiring! If you want to know what illness IS, and not just how to react to it, this is the book for you. Now With Illustrated Introductory Material!

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Hernandez HeadlineVenerable José Gregorio Hernández

More than a century after his death, The Venerable José Gregorio Hernández of Venezuela remains an almost legendary figure – to whom healing power is ascribed. The Catholic Church venerates Dr. Hernández as the patron of medical students, diagnosticians, doctors, and medical patients. The title “Venerable” brings Dr. Hernández a step closer to canonization. His Feast Day is June 29th, commemorating his untimely death at the age of 54 in 1919. Available in three sizes and a choice of Silver Plate, Gold Plate, or Sterling Silver.
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Dr Hernandez Ring

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