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“As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” – Galatians 6:7

“Effects follow their causes as the wheel of the cart follows the foot of the oxen.” – Siddhārtha Gautama

The subject of KARMA comes up often, especially in today’s highly charged political discourse. Many Western people think of Karma as some sort of celestial vengeance machine, destroying their perceived enemies while leaving themselves gleefully unscathed. Typical of that attitude is this odious and ill-conceived comment one person recently sent me regarding his wish for a person with whom he most vehemently disagreed:

Clearly, this came from an enraged person who knows absolutely nothing about Karma; an attitude he will eventually come to regret.

Simply put, Karma means DOING. Our Karma results from our own actions. Even that statement presents just the tip of the iceberg.

For a most fascinating and illuminating discussion of Karma, we can do no better than to set aside about an hour to listen to a talk on the nature of Karma by Venerable Mahinda. He presents a lucid yet full and most revealing explication of a term many here in the West misunderstand, yet toss about incessantly.

Venerable Mahinda on Karma

To hear this most edifying talk, click on this image of Ven Mahinda.venerable-mahinda-e1552823994671.jpeg

Another Discussion of Karma, From A More Western Point of View. By the Great Manly P. Hall:
A Second Look at The Law of Karma


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