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Laugh BagWriter/Publisher Norman Cousins famously showed the world how LAUGHTER can cure disease. After learning he’d come down with an incurable, terminal disease Cousins rejected the grim prognosis and got hold of a 16mm projector to run copies of Jack Benny shows and Laurel & Hardy short subjects. He documented his escape from certain death in the book ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS. I have a section about Mr. Cousins, including a link to the movie version of his book HERE.

Here’s a short appetizer:

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The Loony 60’s TV show that took a mere
25 minutes each week to snowball
situation to absurd heights – then just end.

the disastrous 1990s movie version of Car 54.
If you do… you
may never laugh again.

Two of the wildest Car 54 shows here!
1) This One Presents Sheer Lunacy…

2) The Boys Manage To Crash
The New York Stock Exchange…

Good For What Ails YouLaurel and Hardy’s Masterpiece!
People Who Don’t Laugh At
May Just Be Dead…
(See my SEANCE Page)

Lagnaippe Banner Final

Another “Car 54, Where Are You?” classic!
A story about our fixation with
romance and… movie stars.
MGM honcho Irving Thalberg once noted:
“Every American has two businesses.
Their own and the movies.”
In this segment, Molly Picon acts that out as she
portrays recurring character Mrs. Bronson,
a Bronx widow with a case of terminal optimism.
Featuring the always hilarious Judith Lowery doing her little old lady schtick and an early
Prime Time television appearance by Hal Linden.

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