Imposing YOUR Will On Another…

Wait a minute there, Rev. Eliot! I want to know about love! What’s BLACK MAGICK got to do with something as divine and heavenly as… LOVE? Well, I’ll tell you:
Over my many years working as a Friendly Neighborhood Esoteric Practitioner, I have received countless requests for LOVE SPELLS. And… I always refuse. I don’t leave it at that, because I know that if I slam the door shut, the person will simply ask another practitioner. So I offer a suitable replacement to these requests, but in my experience, “Plan B” invariably strikes the enamored person as disappointing – to say the least! No matter how much money the offer me, and that’s always the next step, I absolutely refuse to budge. They don’t see that my prime interest in rejecting the request is about them and their well-being. Not in their money. Behold:


A man visits his Friendly Neighborhood Esoteric Practitioner – not me, I am sad to say (you’ll see why).

His request? A simple one: He has met the woman of his dreams and wants her with every fiber of his being, but she does not care for him in that way . So the love-struck man asks the Occultist for a spell that will make the woman fall in love with him.

To his astonishment, the practitioner refuses! Then he explains.
“You want me to do something that will override an individual’s will and get her to do something that she does not wish to do. That, my friend, is the very essence of black magick!”

The man understands. He doesn’t like it, but he gets it. Then the practitioner offers a seemingly harmless alternative (the key word here being seemingly): “I will prepare a spell for you that will make you into the kind of man that this woman finds most desirable.”

The love-smitten swain (now there’s a word we don’t hear often!) rejoices! Surely that is the safe way to get the job done. He and the practitioner strike a bargain and he gives the occultist all the information he needs to prepare and tailor a love ritual for the case at hand.

All’s well with the world! Consulting his handy Ritual Timing Calculator (Oh, brother! What a shameless plug…) the man finds the proper date and time without any fuss or ado (enough with the plugs!) and he performs the ritual, confident that soon he will have the love of this woman without using black magick. So what happened? THIS happened:


Of course, this is not a picture of the actual event, but the young man suffered a hideous car crash that left him hopelessly paralyzed; a quadriplegic! And who came to visit him every day in the hospital? Who tended to him and soon fell deeply in love with him? That’s right… the woman at whom he aimed the love spell. Oh, the spell worked all right. It worked perfectly, just as he had asked. He became exactly the kind of man this woman found most desirable… a physically helpless man who would desperately need her constant care and attention. But the man had no way of knowing that this was the kind of man she found most desirable when he made his magickal petition.

Do you think that made him happy?

You get the point…


So here is what I always offer people who seek love: Do a ritual designed to have the person who is looking for someone like you… find you. It’s that simple. And then… go out and mix with people. 


Over the years, John had helped many people and as a result he found himself in dire financial difficulty. With hope, John entered a church and prayed. “God,’’ John said. “You know I have helped so many people that now I am dead broke. I really need to win the lottery. Not for me, you understand, but to continue helping people. Please, God, help me out.”

John left the church. A week went by, and he hadn’t won the lottery, so this time he went to a Synagogue. “Come on, God,” John whispered. “I need this money. You know I need it because I won’t be able to help anyone without it. Please just let me win one little lottery.” And after that heartfelt petition to God, John left the synagogue.

Another week went by, and again John didn’t win the lottery. So this time he went to a Mosque and started to pray again. “You know you’re really starting Have You Found Secret Pageto disappoint me here, God,” said John. “I’ve prayed and prayed and you just ignore me. If you would only let me win the lottery! How can I continue doing good without winning? Help me out, will you?” John thought this did it, so he got up and walked outside.

As soon as John got out in the street, the sky darkened ominously! A rumble of thunder echoed off the Mosque. Then the clouds opened up sending a shaft of golden sunlight right to John! John stood there transfixed with awe as a deep, resonant, booming voice addressed him by name: “John!” the celestial voice bellowed, “You need to go to a store and… buy yourself a damn lottery ticket!”

So you see, we can pray all we want, we can light candles and recite rituals from here to the end of time… but we have to do our part too. Magick and the Esoteric Arts are a way of DOING rather than merely asking or hoping… It all begins with YOU.

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