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In life, we get what we want by exerting our WILL. Think of every act of Will as an act of Magick! A trained Esoteric Practitioner can help you strengthen your Will with a customized Ritual designed for your own special needs. Over the centuries, Esoteric Practitioners have related many things, including aroma, color, herbs and the elementals to various goals. In this way these “correspondences” fit into traditional Magick Ritual. Each component of your Ritual, from the incense, oils and Talismans, to the color of the candles and the Mantrum you chant, binds you to your goal! Fill your mind with these sights, sounds and aromas! Don’t waste time droning the dead words of a stagnating church. Get right inside your goal! Strengthen your Will exactly as the Ancients did…

By Employing The Esoteric Art Of

Can You Promise My Magick Ritual Will Work?

crystalgazing1Hell no! And I tell you that with pride. Consider this: When good old Emeril or Rachel gets on the TV and shows you a mouthwatering recipe, does he promise you a successful dinner party? Hell no! If you win $10,000,000 in the lottery does the State promise you a better life? Of course not. And nobody complains. Yet many in our society hold the Esoteric Practitioner to an impossibly high standard of results: 100% success, 100% of the time. Let just one Ritual at one time fail to bring immediate, recognizable results, and people subject the entire occult field to ridicule and condemnation. And all the while “Established” religions make zany, unverifiable claims about how their followers “live forever in Heaven,” or about how they alone have power to “wash away sins.” Does this sound fair to you? You know the answer. Many factors go into tuning up an automobile. Get any one factor wrong and your car will not run at full potential. Based on that, can you fairly call all auto mechanics frauds? Do you condemn the whole automotive field as a hoax? Hell no!

A chain has no more strength than its weakest link. Similarly, many very subtle factors go into performing a Magick Ritual and each factor impacts upon the end result.

When it comes to authentic Rituals, Magick or otherwise, no genuine guarantees exist. Doesn’t life offer precious few guarantees altogether? At best, we can strive for success by getting the factors in a Ritual as right as possible to help push the odds for success onto our side.

A Tale of Magick

  Many years ago, there lived a man who desperately craved gold. He craved lots and lots of gold. So to that end, he decided to do some magick work to get his pile of gold; enough gold to last him the rest of his life.
    Over the next few days, he devoted himself to nothing but devising a ritual and then working out the precise day and time to do the working. He took great care so as to ensure maximum results. After all, he had set his sights on something big! No trifling little thing, he would get enough gold to last him the rest of his life. He had done ritual work before, but he knew this one would take a monumental effort and all his skills.
    At the appointed hour, the man did his ritual. Because of all his preparations, he had performed the rite flawlessly! And then he had only to wait confidently for the expected results.
   The next day, while the man took a walk, something shiny in the middle of a street caught his eye. Carefully, yet filled with hope, he went out into the road where, to his utter delight, he found a $20 gold piece that someone had carelessly dropped. His heart leapt inside his chest! The ritual he had so carefully concocted had worked! But then almost immediately this delight soured. “What’s $20!” he thought, as he stood in the street sneering at the gold coin in his palm. “I asked for enough gold to last me the rest of my life!” He wondered if he had wasted his time for a mere $20. And a sense of anger overcame the man to the point of distraction – so much so that he never saw the truck as it turned into the road… and hit him. Sure enough, his ritual had succeeded. The man’s work paid off, for he had indeed gotten hold of enough gold… to last him the rest of his life.
MORAL: Take care what you ask for…

Did Magick Get You What You Wanted

    This happened to me. I have told this tale before – you may find it in my book Rev. Eliot Explains It All. It certainly bears repeating since many people hear of COSMIC, UNIVERSAL POWER and think of things they want, rather than things they need… Learn from my own experience and see how Magick can really deliver for us.

    Oft times we want one thing when, in fact, we need something totally different. Before you work a Magick Ritual designed to get you something you want, I would like you to spend a good deal of time thinking about what you really need as opposed to that which you merely desire. In this way you can prepare for the possibility of working the rite with one aim in mind, yet ending up getting something entirely different; something you did not expect, but which you nevertheless needed.

    I speak from experience. Once, I did a Magick Ritual to get me some good old-fashioned money. Not because I needed money… I simply desired vast, huge amounts of cash without having to bother working for it. So go shoot me… Now that you know what I desired… let’s take a gander at what I ended up getting


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    Although Mark Twain called lotteries “a tax on idiots,” I decided to hit it big with… you guessed it, lottery tickets. To that end, I pulled down my copy of the 27 RITUALS OF FRATER MALAK. Rather than do a money-attracting rite, I selected the “Rewarding Ticket Come To Me” ritual (and please remember that name as this tale unfolds). Next I employed my handy, handmade “Magick Timing Calculator” to find an optimum date and time to perform the ritual. That done, I gathered together the required oils, candles and incense. When the day and hour of the working arrived, I performed the ritual. The next day, a Sunday, I purchased several “scratch-off” lottery tickets. To my delight, each ticket turned a profit! All in all, I won $12 for the few bucks I invested. Not a huge return, I admit, but a return nonetheless. “Wow,” I thought, “this works swell!” The next week I would buy one of those $5 tickets that offers $1,000 a week for life (after winning same I would naturally perform a “Longevity Ritual” – plus give up deep-fried foods, bacon and cheap gin). Well, on Monday I had to put aside all thoughts of Magick and fulfill a civic duty; I had to report to the NYS Courthouse in downtown Manhattan for Jury Duty. I got up bright and early, braved the rush-hour subway and got to the courthouse by 8:30AM as required. All the while I knew that later on I would lay my hands on even more “rewarding tickets” when I bought a pile of lottery tickets on the way home. Well, a decidedly odd thing happened in the Courthouse. It seemed that they had called too many folks for jury duty that day, so a Court Officer pulled tickets from the pile and released six of us from our obligation. Among these, the Court Officer pulled my ticket, freeing me from jury duty after just a few hours.

    “This is your lucky day,” the Court Officer said as he dismissed us. “You don’t have to come downtown tomorrow morning.”

    We all found that an odd statement. “Your lucky day,” we thought? Big deal. “This just means we have to return to our work as usual,” one fellow said. You call this “luck,” I asked in my mind? The real luck comes when I buy another batch lottery of tickets as soon as I reach the street. That day I bought more tickets, all winners of course. But by 9AM the next morning I knew that the Court Officer had indeed spoken the truth, for I got the ticket excusing me from jury duty on Monday, September 10th, 2001. Because of that, I stayed away from lower Manhattan the next day. Oh, I got a rewarding ticket, all right, just like the Ritual promised. And because of that I escaped the horrors of 9/11/01. A “Rewarding Ticket” indeed came to me, saving me from standing mere blocks from the deadliest, most savage and brutal attack ever to hit the U.S. You see, I didn’t get what I wanted; I got what I needed. And what became of the winning lottery tickets I had amassed? To collect money, when I had received so much more from the “Rewarding Ticket Come To Me Ritual,” seemed blasphemous, so I turned the money into an offering by ripping up the tickets without cashing them in.

    Since this experience, as of this writing, I have not worked the “Rewarding Ticket Come To Me” ritual again. But I will. I assure you I will…

about rev

Getting started in Ritual Work is easy! My recommendation? Get a copy of my book Rev. Eliot Explains It All (now, you saw that coming, right?) and read up on Magick in simple, easy to follow language. No confusing “blinds” or highfalutin’ pomposities – just plain talk – and there’s even a simple “starter ritual” with clear, concise, easy to follow instructions that will show you all the basics. Yes, you could read a 1,200 page book – like the one on the Golden Dawn system I mention over at my Occult Books page, but that comes later in your Magickal studies – if you want to dig deeper. I have read and enjoyed many excellent books on Magick theory and the minutia of Magick Ritual – but I allow myself a measure of pride in my own book because I wrote it to be like a conversation with a friend. Years ago a famous movie producer I was writing for gave me the 2 best pieces of advice on writing I ever heard and when I work I always keep them in mind:
1) Just explain things like you’re telling a friend about them.
2) Keep your writing as clear as a country stream.
That’s how I treated Rev. Eliot Explains It All. I wish I had a book like it when I began! Now you can have the benefit of my experience in this book. Remember, when you buy DIRECT FROM THE PRINTING PLANT (why buy retail?) you not only get a lower price but you get another 15% off when you use the special checkout code: WELCOME15

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