Magick Ritual

The Art Of Magick Ritual


In life, we get what we want by exerting our WILL. Think of every act of Will as an act of Magick! A trained Esoteric Practitioner can help you strengthen your Will with a customized Ritual designed for your own special needs. Over the centuries, Esoteric Practitioners have related many things, including aroma, color, herbs and the elementals to various goals. In this way these “correspondences” fit into traditional Magick Ritual. Each component of your Ritual, from the incense, oils and Talismans, to the color of the candles and the Mantrum you chant, binds you to your goal! Fill your mind with these sights, sounds and aromas! Don’t waste time droning the dead words of a stagnating church. Get right inside your goal! Strengthen your Will exactly as the Ancients did…

By Employing The Esoteric Art Of

Can You Promise My Magick Ritual Will Work?

crystalgazing1Hell no! And I tell you that with pride. Consider this: When good old Emeril or Rachel gets on the TV and shows you a mouthwatering recipe, does he promise you a successful dinner party? Hell no! If you win $10,000,000 in the lottery does the State promise you a better life? Of course not. And nobody complains. Yet many in our society hold the Esoteric Practitioner to an impossibly high standard of results: 100% success, 100% of the time. Let just one Ritual at one time fail to bring immediate, recognizable results, and people subject the entire occult field to ridicule and condemnation. And all the while “Established” religions make zany, unverifiable claims about how their followers “live forever in Heaven,” or about how they alone have power to “wash away sins.” Does this sound fair to you? You know the answer. Many factors go into tuning up an automobile. Get any one factor wrong and your car will not run at full potential. Based on that, can you fairly call all auto mechanics frauds? Do you condemn the whole automotive field as a hoax? Hell no!

A chain has no more strength than its weakest link. Similarly, many very subtle factors go into performing a Magick Ritual and each factor impacts upon the end result.

When it comes to authentic Rituals, Magick or otherwise, no genuine guarantees exist. Doesn’t life offer precious few guarantees altogether? At best, we can strive for success by getting the factors in a Ritual as right as possible to help push the odds for success onto our side.

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