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MelissaClick The Image Above ☝︎For The Website Of A MOST Fascinating Person!
Rev. Melissa Kennedy Is a Healer, Metaphysical Animal
Communicator AND Much More.

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Hello: Fellow Seekers of Truth, Wisdom and Light!

It was my honor and pleasure to make my very first guest appearance
 with Rev Eliot On the Ask1Radio Network, On March 24, 2021!
 This was a dream come true because, I consider it my life mission to raise awareness
 that we are all born with Intuitive senses. It is my passion to help others find their spiritual truths. I have always been a seeker of truth, wisdom and light!
I know that is why Rev. Eliot and I found each other in this ‘now moment’.

I never get tired of talking about all things spiritual or esoteric.
I work with people by giving encouraging and up lifting messages from the Angelic Realm and the Realm of Spirit.
 All of my Readings, Animal Communications, Intuitive Paintings, Healing Sessions and Mentorship sessions are confidential and professional.
If you leave a session with me and you are not feeling lighter and brighter,
 I have not done my job properly! Always remember, when you seek an Intuitive Reading
 or Spiritual Council of any kind, your take away messages should always have you feeling better about your life, 
and your future.

In life we ultimately have free will! We choose what becomes a part of our story and what does not! We keep what resonates, and we can release what does not, free will is a beautiful thing!
If you would like to book a session of any kind, feel free to visit my website. 
If you have any questions at all, you are welcome to email me before you book a session.

In fact, I would prefer it, if you would email first.


The Interview

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Click the image ☝︎For
the VERY BEST in Psychic

Radio and Television!


Been thinking about studying Reiki, that wonderful healing system? Then Chikara-Reiki-Do is for you! This is a comprehensive and AFFORDABLE way to learn about Reiki and get attuned. I cannot recommend Chikara-Reiki-Do highly enough.


Here’s Judith to tell you more about it:

For The Website And a FREE 7-part Reiki mini-course…

Click Here


Some of my all-time favorite sources
for magickal items:

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I have been getting magickal supplies from AzureGreen since the 1980s! They have a wide-assortment of items in a mind-boggling array of departments. Whatever you want in the realm of magick, AzureGreen has it!

Don’t believe me? Try this:
Azure Green Catalog

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