Mighty Mojo Bags

MoJo Did Not Begin With Austin Powers! It Comes From
The African-American
Hoodoo Tradition

As you can see from the 1930s image at the top of the page, MoJo bags go back a long way.  Even though this sample is called a “Curio Bag” it is essentially the same as MoJo bags of today. In fact, the brand name used on the curio bag points out the fact that MoJo Bags were often called “hands.” Whatever you call it, an Esoteric Practitioner starts with a small cloth bag of the proper color to fit the needs of the client. Into this bag will go a specially charged talisman or amulet, some herbs – customarily dried – which relate to the stated need and a bit of the proper oil for that need. The bag may also hold a scented powder based on the need in question or some incense.  At the proper time (which may be determined by using the Amazing Magick Timing Calculator) a special prayer is recited either by the maker of the bag or by its recipient.  Then the MoJo bag gets another anointing with the oil supplied at the time of purchase, and it is said too now be charged. One should always carry the bag as long as the need remains unfulfilled. Every now and then the bag will need recharging with the oil and the prayer. Some do this every week. I prefer to do it at the Full Moon and at the New Moon. And then, when you carry your MoJo Bag, you must never ever show it to anybody.  This is yours and yours alone.


The Amazing Magick Timing Calculator

Now remember, Magick Ritual is NEVER a substitute for good old common-sense action. I recently made for myself a MoJo bag that is said to bring good health. The Bag was the proper color, it contained a talisman, a buckeye (AKA: chestnut), and an anointing philter. I have had some medical problems and I wanted some extra help. Note the wording extra help. I still went to medical doctors for treatment and, ultimately, successful surgery. On the whole, a MoJo bag alone will be far less efficacious than medical treatment. Just as I would never “put all my eggs in one basket,” I will not put all my health care in the hands of one MoJo Bag. But I will use one to strengthen my purpose.

In addition to heath issues, many people (and there are way more than you may suspect) use MoJo Bags for luck in games of chance, to cement romance, to generate wealth, to command and control another person, the list is huge. I can supply you with a Mojo Bag to help keep your lover from leaving, another bag will reputedly let you commit ADULTERY without getting caught! Mojo Bags can help protect from EVIL spells and there is even a MoJo Bag that Conjure Men say will… NO! I’d better not tell you about that here. MoJo Bags RIGHT NOW are at work helping all kinds of folk get closer to what they want and desire. In its catalog, one reputable Occult dealer offers 70+ MoJo Bags used for everything from protection against evil to breaking free of alcohol or winning a court case.

Mojo Bags that I supply will be custom tailored to your needs. I do not have a batch of MoJo Bags already made up just sitting in a warehouse next to God only knows what, wasting away any power it may have. Getting your hands on one of my CUSTOM MADE Mojo Bags may take a bit longer than other MoJo suppliers, but you can rest assured that I will personally make up your MoJo Bag with only YOU in mind. I will include a consecration prayer with the bag and, if you prefer to put a bit more time into it, I’ll supply all the items needed to perform a full consecration ritual, including a full, custom liturgy text. The CHOICE is yours!

Would you like to have your own personal, handcrafted MOJO mojoacadbadgeBAG? Then just click the MOJO BAG image below to send me a message.  Be sure to tell me why you want one so I know exactly what kind of MIGHTY MOJO BAG to prepare for just for you. Remember, over 21 only.

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