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You Have Extraordinary Powers
But Your Beliefs Undermine You

In my book on mind power, I show what the mind can do when we know how to harness all the energy at our disposal. 

I am delighted to report that people have been buying my book on Mind Power and enjoying it thoroughly! I have been asked to do some speaking engagements and demonstrations of the power we have within us. We all have this power. The trick is BELIEVING it and ACCESSING it. In this book, I teach you how. (Click the book image above to get ordering info)

Also in the book, as a special bonus, I reveal the TRUTH behind the alleged $1,000,000 challenge put out by the person who goes by the stage name of “The Amazing Randi”. This sleight-of-hand expert claims to offer a million dollars to anyone who can demonstrate what he calls paranormal abilities. BUT IT IS A SCAM, pure and simple. There is no challenge and old Randi uses this scheme to generate FREE PUBLICITY while raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself EVERY YEAR! My detailed investigation proves that this is a CON JOB with nobody ever being able to get past the road-blocks Randi sets up.

Look at RAW video of me spinning a PSI WHEEL
Using just mind power!

Mind Power At Work

Naturally, I use Mind-Power for more than just making things spin or to ruin everyone’s flatware! Here’s something that happened to me back in 2013. Some of you know that in the Summer of that year, I went into the hospital for the proverbial “routine surgery”. But something went horribly wrong. Ever notice that in stories like this, nothing ever just “goes wrong”? It always goes horribly wrong. Well, this time that’s no exaggeration. I nearly died…

After the routine surgery in late-June, something bad developed. By the second week of July, I was attacked by an infection that suddenly and without warning sent my temperature up to 103°, had me shivering (a weird experience in the dead of summer!) and gave me other symptoms too icky (that’s the actual medical term) to recount here. And thus I found myself hospitalized for ten days as several medical teams labored to search out the cause of the severe illness which was draining away my life. After several days, they rooted out the problem and found an antibiotic therapy which turned the corner for me. I took an antibiotic “of last resort” – such a comforting phrase – for just under 2 weeks. While hospitalized, I had a long discussion with a doctor about the book pictured at the top of this page. Here is how that came about…

In order to facilitate my release from the hospital, I underwent a standard surgical procedure; the insertion of a PICC line to my heart so that I may continue the antibiotic therapy at home. This procedure an expert did with a mild local anesthetic. Even when this process goes smoothly, many patients find the the whole thing deeply stressful. With me, it went anything but smoothly. The team had to attempt to insert the line THREE times before getting it right. A normally 45 minute process lasted two hours. But what the doctor wanted to talk about afterwards was how I had not only managed to stay calm through the whole thing, but at one point I FELL ASLEEP. She was flabbergasted at my sangfroid and told me afterwards that she has done this surgery all day long for many years and NEVER EVER saw a patient so relaxed and at ease. None had ever just gone to sleep! How was this possible? She wanted to know what I did. My ease ran contrary to all her experience.

egelySo I told her that I wrote a book on mind-power, the book pictured above, and thus have developed the ability to focus my concentration at will. I was able to “go elsewhere” during the surgery and leave the work to her. I summed up the “secret” in one word: concentration. I told her that I have the ability to focus my mind to the point of making things move, things like an Egely Wheel and a Telekinetic Enhancer.  Anyone can do it, as I explain in the book. As a scientist, the doctor was a tad reluctant to get into the telekinetic aspect of the whole thing, but she acknowledged that there was Enhancerabsolutely no way she could ignore the evidence before her in the form of my relaxation during the operation. It became stunningly clear to her that during the lengthy procedure I had indeed remained utterly relaxed, lucid, and in absolutely no discomfort. That is why the doctor delayed her next appointment to ask me how I did it.

I explained that there is no trick to it. All it requires is training. Mind power must be cultivated for humans to experience life at near full potential. After all, everything we experience through our senses is filtered through the mind. We never directly see, feel, touch anything – we simply interpret what is around us through the mind. The entire universe, as we experience it, is an extension of our central nervous system. Like the man said, Cogito Ergo Sum! When you can get hold of the mind, when you can discipline the mind, and use it to your own ends, you achieve great power; power strong enough to move objects without physical contact or power to drift off to sleep during a medical procedure. I hope the doctor reads my book. I hope everyone does!

You have more power than you may  know…

All you need to do is develop it…



The Experimental Evidence for
Parapsychological Phenomena: A Review
by Etzel Cardeña, Lund University

In May of 2018 American Psychologist (2018, Vol.73, No. 5, 663-677) sent shockwaves through the world of science by publishing a paper that confirmed the existence of what scientists strongly denied: Magick!
American Psychologist is the publication of the prestigious American Psychological Association. This is mainstream stuff, folks! The evidence obtained over decades of study showing the existence of PSI power – MIND POWER – is overwhelming.

Click the image to see this
groundbreaking report…
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Another groundbreaking report…
esp paper


Many scientists simply, and simplistically, assume that the mind is located in the brain. They believe that even though they have never tested this hypothesis, despite the undeniable fact that we know out entire nervous system constantly picks up and interprets sensory input with the whole body. For thousands of years, philosophers have wondered if the mind is a UNIVERSAL thing – and individual brains simply tap into it. As one “renegade” scientist put it years ago, “Saying that the mind is in the brain this is like saying that Johnny Carson is INSIDE your television set when he’s actually in a studio miles away – and the TV set just taps into a signal.”

Listen to scientist RUPERT SHELDRAKE explain the research he has done along these lines, including the study of telepathy in humans and animals. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. is a biologist and author of more than 75 technical papers and ten books, including The Sense of Being Stared At. He studied at Cambridge and Harvard Universities, was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and a Research Fellow of the Royal Society. He is currently Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, funded from Trinity College Cambridge. Yet NO scientific journal will publish Sheldrake’s research – because they say it cannot possibly be real. After the publication of Sheldrake’s first book, A New Science of Life, an editorial in the journal Nature announced  that his was a “book for burning” and that Sheldrake was to be “condemned in exactly the language that the pope used to condemn Galileo, and for the same reason. It is heresy.” (Rupert Sheldrake: the ‘heretic’ at odds with scientific dogma – The Guardian, Feb. 4, 2012 – click to read) Heresy charges… coming from scientists!

The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence

You Have The Power

Unlocking the POWER in your mind! THAT’S the “secret” to living to the fullest.
But how can we do that? Here’s a way to start:



Based on Dr. Leary’s popular talk – this is a video experience designed to open the mind, to free us of the psychological imprints that tell us how to interpret what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste! Our nervous system constantly filters through the billions of bits of data that assault us from the real world around us. We experience only what our brain accepts and we never see what it rejects. Alas, the brain – the creator of all our reality – never came with a User’s Manual. This video was an attempt by Dr. Leary to develop a way to bypass the “censor” and get to:

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