Mojo Motzo Ball Soup

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Here’s a hot recipe that works magick on the sinuses (see how I worked in magick?)

2 Eggs
Hot Cajun/Louisiana Seasoning
Matzo Meal
Chicken soup


This quintessence of Multi­Cultural cooking came to me suddenly one day after the good folks at Slap Ya Mama Seasonings in Louisiana sent me a bunch of their stuff to play around with. They have 3 fantastic seasonings which add wonderful flavor and heat to your recipes: Regular, HOT and one based on White Pepper. After putting their stuff on just about everything I ate, it occurred to me to try something different. So while screening The Ten Commandments DVD for the umpteenth timeslap_ya_mama I thought: “Why are these matzo balls different from all other matzo balls?” Heat! MOJO Heat!

So I took my favorite matzo ball recipe (it is also the easiest) and tossed in some of the real hot version of Slap Ya Mama. Many modern matzo ball recipes require an hefty abundance of ingredients, designed to yield a fluffy end product. As a traditionalist (okay, I’ve only been making my own matzo balls for about 5 years but I do consider myself a maven) I like my kneidlach on the dense side. However you make matzo balls, this HOT MOJO twist will work with any formula.

MONEY SAVING NOTE: Matzo meal begins to appear in supermarkets around Springtime. Worth noting is matzo meal is vastly overpriced. Don’t let that discourage you. Almost immediately after Passover, the stuff gets seriously marked down for clearance. That’s when you swoop in to buy several boxes. I use matzo meal all year round as a substitute for breadcrumbs. I use matzo meal to coat fried eggplant and fried zucchini, fried oysters, MOJO popcorn chicken, Chicken Parmesan; in every recipe that calls for breadcrumbs…

Here’s how to make my HOT MOJO Matzo Balls:

Set a big pot of water to boil. While waiting, separate 2 eggs. Beat the whites till stiff. Now beat the yolks a bit. Combine till of a uniform consistency. Pour in a half-­cup of matzo meal, which you bought last year for just pennies on the dollar. Now sprinkle in Hot Slap Ya Mama New Orleans Seasoning (or any other brand – you can also find clone recipes for famous seasonings on the internets…). How much seasoning? I shake in the powder till I think its enough then I add a good chunk more. The matzo balls will boil for half an hour, which will leech out some of the 1205261948-grande-boilingflavor so don’t worry about going too far with the seasoning. Let the mixture sit a few minutes to thicken. When the water comes to a boil, add some sea salt. Scoop out the now thickened matzo ball mixture a heaping teaspoon at a time, roll it in you palms to make small balls, not too tightly squeezed. Make them smaller than looks right because they will expand during cooking. Drop these in the water as you make them. You should get about 14 balls unless you want them bigger or smaller. Next – Did you guess? – boil them in the salted water for 30 minutes, stirring now and then to cover evenly. Drain, then serve in a clear chicken broth, preferably homemade. To be real cost conscious about it – leaving more money to buy esoteric supplies –  make the soup from chicken necks and backs, which a butcher will have on hand for very little money.

That’s all there is to it. Matzo Ball Soup does not get any better… Unless you add my homemade hot sauce to it (click the label)…

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