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Books that teach Magick? Well, this is a topic that could fill several websites! So with slight comment, I present a few books I consider indispensable; books I return to year after year… always learning more!
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Must Read

Wayward Gate

An Excellent Place To Start! Long Out Of Print, Copies Turn Up In Book Stores and Ebay. Recommended for its overview of the Both Science and Magick. I Consider This An ESSENTIAL Book

Beyond The Time Barrier

A fascinating look at the nature of TIME from ancient Egypt to Einstein. From 1976, discusses the idea that our CELLS and DNA contain all the memories of our ancestors, waiting to be retrieved. Today, science calls that EPIGENETICS and they no longer scoff at inherited characteristics. In Magick work, we work with time and space – what Einstein called SPACE-TIME. Remember: time does not flow. WE, and all matter, flow through time. Includes a novel theory on the meaning of Tarot Cards!


The ABCs of Magick Ritual Work – Simply Explained


More a treatise in Magick than on Tarot. A dense book, certainly not for beginners, but go through it anyway. And as you do, keep an open mind. The author tells us everything we need to know on subjects like making Magickal implements and the proper way to die. No, I mean it. Another book that makes more sense as the years go by.

Must Read


Yes, a MUST READ. Science Has More Evidence That ESP Exists Than They Have Showing That Aspirin Prevents Heart Attacks


The Law Is For All – Deep Magick…

Must Read

All Ten copy

The Ten Lost Books of the Prophets! Another MUST READ. Brings together indispensable texts from several sources. AT LAST Restored & Rectified From An Original 1938 Set. Released in TEN INDIVIDUAL BOOKS For The First Time In DECADES! Profound Kabbalistic & Biblical Magickal Lore


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Must Read


A Classic Reworked and Corrected By Joseph Peterson. Repairs Many Errors Repeated In Cheap Reprints Through The Ages. A MUST READ Cornerstone of Magick!


THE Definitive Look At GRIMOIRES, which are Magickal Ritual Books. I Make Sure To Read It Once A Year, At The Least!

Must Read


A Mind-Blowing Compendium Of Magickal Correspondences – Covering Nearly Everything! A Must For Any Magick Practitioner.

Must Read


Not Merely Informative, This Book Is Laugh-Out-Loud Funny! Teaches The Basics of Kabbala In A Way That Makes Magick Fun! A SEQUEL Has Recently Come Out…


Another Superb Restoration By Joseph Peterson One Of The True Keys To Ceremonial Magick

Must Read

David LeMieux The Ancient Tarot and Its Symbolism Hardcover

One Of My Absolute All-Time Favorites! Excruciatingly Hard To Find – And Usually Quite Costly. This Book Will Teach You More Than Most Advanced Tarot Courses. In Two Sections – The Second Dealing With The Deeper Esoteric Mysteries.

Must Read


These Three Books Provide A GRADUATE Course in the Basics of Ritual Magick.  ABSOLUTE musts for the serious student.

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One Of My All-Time Favorites. Extremely Illuminating!

Must Read


From Occult Giant DION FORTUNE (Violet Mary Firth), The Essential Volume For Dealing With A Psychic Attack


An All Time Classic! Want To Read This Book FREE? Just Click This Image!


Another From David LeMieux (see above). If “The Ancient Tarot And Its Symbolism” Is Costly… THIS Book Is INSANELY EXPENSIVE. Worth Reading But Not For Almost $300. I Found One For Under $10. Be Patient And If You See One Cheap, Snap It Up. As An Investment, I Shall Do No More Than Cite The Words Of Omar Khayyam: “I often wonder what the Vintners buy one half so precious as the Goods they sell.”

Must Read

HUNCHES Front Cover Art

THE BEST BOOK I Ever Read On The Subject Of Psychic Powers! BAR NONE!  Learn about CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRAUDIENCE, TELEPATHY, PSYCHOMETRICS and more! Read about the methods used by KARMA YOGIS to stimulate ESP!


An Indispensable Albeit Practically Incomprehensible (At First) Book. Called The Strangest Book Ever Written. As Your Knowledge Grows So Will Your Understanding Of This Book 


Bringing Kabbalah “Up To Date”!

Must Read

Rev Eliot

How Could I Leave This Out? Am I Immodest To Label It MUST READ?


DIY Instructions For Those Who Eschew Groups…

Must Read


Almost Incomprehensible The First Time… It All But BEGS Repeated Readings, Sly, Funny, and Informative. The MOST “Must Read” of All the MUST READS


THE Compendium Of Golden Dawn History And Rituals. For The Most Serious Of Students. Damned Expensive Now. A Computer Version exists.


A MUST For Tarot Lovers. Provides Uncounted Hours Of Enjoyment! Only Volume 1 remains In Print. The Others… Kinda Steep So Grab The Best Deal You Find!


Considered A Dangerous Book At One Time, But The Most Rewarding Of Them All, When I First Got A Copy, I Was Stricken With Pneumonia! Experts Say That’s Common…

Must Read


The Equinox, Volume1 – Hard To Find But Worth The Effort! Everything One Needs To Know About The Basics Of Magick… Try To Avoid The Edition In Two Volumes; The Paper Is Dangerously Thin.

Must Read

Eye in the Triangle

The First Unbiased and Truly Lucid Look At The Life And Works of Aleister Crowley. This Book Started So Many People On The Path of Magick. Author Israel Regardie Served as Crowley’s Secretary in the 1920s. Robert Anton Wilson Read This On The Advice of Alan Watts and Contributed the Introduction to Later Editions.


A book I find completely incomprehensible. So why do I have it? Why do I own a vintage copy? As one delves deeper into the Esoteric, one encounters many books that seem incomprehensible upon first reading. As we grow in experience and knowledge, things snap into focus. I have read this several times over the years and it has only snapped into more obscurity. I keep it, I read it, because one day the light will glimmer, then grow and then… Well I can hope, can’t I?cosmic

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Special mention

“[A]nything which widens our conceptions of the possible, and shakes us out of our time-rutted lines of thought, helps us to regain our elasticity of mind and thus to be more open to new philosophies.” – Sir Arthur Conn Doyle

Not The First

An Interesting Look At The Knowledge Once Common In The World, THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. Details Things Long Forgotten When The Dark Ages Settled Upon The Globe. This Book Will Get You To Think Outside The Box.


Speaking of thinking outside the box, here’s noted occultist
LON MILO DUQUETTE on that very topic…

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