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“The first known recipe for incense is that given in Exodus, Chap. xxx, Ver. 34, wherein is said that Moses was given a recipe consisting of sweet spice, myrrh, onycha, and galbanum, together with pure frankincense with the added commandment that this incense was to be reserved exclusively for divine worship.
“Oils and perfumes have played an important part in evacutory magic throughout man’s history. The use of divine oils among primitive people is another aspect of olfactory Intoxication and influence to produce visions. This was and still is the primeval way of getting in touch with the supernatural to bring about a state of ecstasy; a realization of the fullness of life.” – Lewis de Claremont

Incense & Oils Custom Blended
Just For YOU!

Typical store-bought incense and oils are often very good. But custom blended incenseitems are in a whole different league. Often, store bought products are perfectly fine. In fact, I have used them and continue to do so if the occasion calls for it. But for a use that is very important, that is special for one reason or another, store bought is nothing compared to a custom blended item made for your needs and your needs alone. Think of it this way: for some occasions you wear an off-the-rack item; perhaps on the level of an Armani or Hugo Boss suit for the gentlemen, or a chic Von Furstenburg variation of her famous Little Black Dress for the ladies. As fine as those designer duds are, now and then you find yourself in a situation that demands something beyond that. Or maybe you just wish to treat yourself. That’s when you turn to the custom-tailored Savile Row suit or the unmatchable flair and sophistication of the Oscar de la Renta creation. That, in a nutshell, expresses the difference between regular incense and my offerings. Only with me, you can go top-of-the-line without breaking the bank.

“Store-bought” oils and incense, as fine as they may be, simply cannot hold a candle to an item specifically made for you and your exact magickal need. In designing your oils and incense I search through my collection of “many a quaint and curious volumes of forgotten lore” to create a recipe with proper ingredients that meet your precise needs. And then, as a final touch, all the items I will craft for you receive my personal blessing and consecration – just for you! And that is why I listed my handcrafted oils and incense on this page rather than in the products area. When I create a unique compound it is not just a purchase, it is indeed a Holy service. Now let me tell you a true story…

The Bachelorette & Her
Reluctant Boyfriend

Many years ago my wife and I had a friend who was an attractive, young, talented woman. She was quite successful in business and very well off with homes in two countries. To round this sketch off, this woman remained unmarried. She was what the old-timers called “an unclaimed virtue.” Even older old-timers would have holyoilcalled her a spinster, but she would probably have belted me one right between the eyes had I used that term about her. Let’s be frank and sum it up like this: She was stacked, loaded and available. But much to her chagrin, her steady man would not pop the question. During one of her frequent business trips to New York, she popped in to chat with my wife while, as per longstanding female custom, I could have vanished off the face of the earth as far as they were concerned. They just sat in the kitchen quaffing down our finest XO Cognac and commiserated, one drinking because she was unmarried and the other, no doubt, drinking because she was married. You probably know the drill… Anyway, what happened next caught me completely by surprise. My wife and her unattached buddy came into the living room where I was no doubt engaged in doing something quite wholesome and educational. My wife had decided that enough was enough with this unacceptable marital situation (the friend’s, not ours). The request was made that I come up with something that would cause our friend’s reluctant boyfriend to pop the question. I began my usual talk about not using Magick to control and manipulate the feelings and actions of another person. I did not get very far when my wife made me an offer that I could not refuse. I won’t say what her end of the bargain was, just thinking about it even today gives me the heebie-jeebies, but my end of this transaction had me whipping up an oil to use as a perfume that would force her not-yet-intended to drop to his knees and propose marriage. Needless to say, this I did. It took a bit of time to get some pertinent information from the woman, about herself and the man in question. Then I retired to the library where I took the information and perused my books and charts; chief among them, Aleister Crowley’s phenomenal book 777. When finished, I emerged with a small vial which I refused to hand over until this friend listened to my advice about being absolutely certain that this is what she wanted. Sometimes there is a huge disconnect between that which people want and that which they need. But the woman reassured me that this was indeed what she wanted, and wanted it with all her heart. So having no choice (I just know I’m going to have nightmares tonight!), I handed over the small glass bottle along with instructions. Two days later our friend phoned us from Paris where she kept a pied-à-terre. She was with her boyfriend and used the oil exactly as I had instructed. To her horror, when she and her boyfriend met for lunch earlier that day, he all but instantly proposed! Once he did that she did not know what to do so she said she would need time to think it over. She only took a few hours but she turned him down flat. Now over the years he is happily married and she is still single. She hopes that someday the two of them will get back together. I doubt this will occur, but I made it quite clear that if it does I will not be making any more concoctions of that type for her. But that was all right with her, she told me. After all, she still had plenty left over in the little glass bottle…

More About Incense & Oils


Oh, The Reports I’ve Gotten From People Who Used This Potent Oil

Many people deem the sense of smell the strongest, most evocative of our senses. Aromas can send us into the past (Proust’s Madeleines), whet our appetite (a favorite dish roasting in the oven), or warn of danger (it may well look delicious, but if it smells rotten…). Foul smells warn us of fire, alert us to pollution, keep us ALIVE. Pleasing smells evoke memories of a past love, your first home, an exciting journey over the sea… Now you know why so many magazines today run scented ads. Aromas take us HOME.

Knowing this, many churches have put aroma-power to astute use. Let’s enter a typical Roman Catholic Church. Do you notice the sweet smell? It comes from FRANKINCENSE, a powerful incense burned by the Church for centuries. If you grew up attending such a church, this scent will immediately waft you back to your childhood days. Even though you may no longer attend services, residual feelings from your upbringing will appear under the power of this familiar aroma. Under this influence, you may even have such warm, happy memories that you’ll make a promise to start going to Sunday services again…

Behold the Power of Aroma!

For thousands of years, Holy People of the East and West have compounded oil and incense blends to help focus their prayers and meditations. In fact, Moses himself received the very first recorded incense recipe (Ex. 30, 34), so when we speak of incense and aromatic oils we speak of TRADITION!

Can I Use Aromas?

You bet! Aromas do not exist solely for the enrichment of wealthy perfume makers or churches. Today, we most commonly use aromatic oils in AROMATHERAPY. This practice employs scents for immediate results. Lavender relaxes you, Rosemary eases headaches, and other aromas boost alertness and energy. If you doubt the mojobanishinglabel copyefficacy of aromatherapy get a good whiff of Asafoetida. When you double up with stomach cramps, you’ll believe… and see why tradition has named this resin “Devil’s Dung.”

When we move far beyond simple aromatherapy, an entire world opens up. The Ancients assigned complex mystical attributes to aromas. These attributes helped them find incenses and oils suited to a given purpose. To seek LOVE they evoked the attributes of VENUS. According to learned texts of old, Venus scents include Rose, Myrtle and Clover. In this way, the Practitioner may compound an esoteric incense or perfume in which every nuance of scent calls to mind Venus… and LOVE.

Do You Consider Aromas Magickal?

I consider EVERYTHING in life Magickal! But if you want to burn an incense that will lay the riches of the world at your feet, or an oil to wear that causes the “great love of your life” to pop up and whisk you off to paradise… forget it. If anybody promises you this, I want you to run like Hell. Wild promises may feel good to hear, but they indicate the lying charlatan who charges an arm and a leg for specious potions. When these thimbleriggers claim to have “a mystic” incense “guaranteed” to bring wealth, they don’t tell you that it won’t bring wealth to you, it brings wealth to them! Have a care! Deal only with a True Initiate solidly trained in the Ancient Esoteric Arts.

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