Man’s right to know, to learn, to inquire, to make bona fide errors, to investigate human emotions must, by all means, be safe, if the word ‘freedom’ should ever be more than an empty political slogan.— Wilhelm Reich


Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, MD (1897-1957)

I have no intention of using this space for promoting or defending Orgone Energy. Many people far more learned and educated than I have already done that and their work is readily available.

Me and Orgone

Noted Actor/Writer/Educator Orson Bean On The Subject Of Orgone Energy

But such was not always the case. In one of the most shocking and egregious examples of State Censorship, in direct contravention of the US Constitution a US court of law once ordered the banning and then destruction of all books, articles, and pamphlets which so much as mentioned Orgone Energy – and presented detailed scientific experimentation of the same. Mere study of a theory that may not even prove correct was literally – not figuratively – banned. And WILHELM REICH, the scientist responsible for this body of work, was jailed, as it turned out, for the rest of his life. He died in prison. For studying an energy source that science rejected – but now gets closer and closer to verifying. Along with Reich’s writings, the government destroyed tools he devised, tools called ORGONE ACCUMULATORS.


What Is ORGONITE????

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A 6oz Chunk of Orgonite From My Personal Collection

Orgonite is a man-made substance that tests show may have the ability to collect the primary energy of the universe. Orgone Energy, first described by, and named by, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, surrounds us everywhere. It is neither electricity nor is it magnetism. As you will see in the short film below, Reich found that an energy existed in the universe and that energy grew when a person felt pleasure… diminished when people experienced the opposite of pleasure. Reich measured this – and measurement is the sole basis of modern science since the day of the notorious Cartesian Deal (see my page on ALCHEMY for more on that fiasco).

Now I wish to take a moment to relate a personal experience of my own, using a simple measuring device that works on the same principle as the common lie detector – and yet this device has, in a repeat of  what happened to Reich’s Orgone Accumulators – been attacked and banned by our government.  I present a chapter from my own book, Bending Spoons With Your Mind (And Other Miracles of Mind Power):

The Bio-Energy Meter

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A magnificent little apparatus that amazes me every time I use it. Simply put, this meter gives a numeric read-out of the body’s energy level. My extensive experiments with this device have included readings taken at various times of the day, during the cycles of the moon, even while using certain medications to see their effect on the body.

Once, this machine took part in an unintended yet illuminating experiment. One night, while checking out my energy level, I fortuitously bumped into a book on my desk sending the book smack into one of those old novelty things called a Bag Full of Laughs. You may remember the gadget; a small fabric sack with a tiny record player secreted within (you read that right; an actual little phonograph with a small Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 5.45.55 AMrecord. No computer chips back then) activated by a hidden switch. By bumping into it, the book hit that switch and turned the gadget on. Without warning, the sound of a gasping, wheezing belly laugh filled the room. And then I saw the meter… The moment the laughter started, my energy reading shot straight up! To my astonishment, the sound of laughter increased my body’s energy level as measured by the Bio-Energy Meter! I repeated the experiment thinking that perhaps the sudden, unexpected appearance of the raucous laughter may have simply shocked me into a higher level. But even when I knew it would come, the laughter raised my Bio-Energy rating. I did further tests on myself and other subjects and each time I got similar readings. At last I had scientific proof of the old axiom that placing a person around laughter increases energy, vitality, health and healing!

With a device that registers the Grand Energy Flow in all of us, as well as in plants, and in our food, we can make informed decisions about the environment we live in and how it affects our day- to-day life. Try comparing readings by hooking the meter up to live foods like a fresh carrot or squash and then to dead “foods” like Hot Pockets®. I cannot conceive of a limit to the number, scale and type of experiments a person can devise with the Bio-Energy Meter. Just make sure that you keep strict records of the readings so that you may properly evaluate all results. And approach experiments with no preconceived notions. Just do things and then record the results. That makes you a scientist! I have recently measured fascinating results with fresh vegetables and a Zero Energy Wand. I would love to know what you do and what you come up with.

After using the Bio-Energy Meter, I have a message for anyone who still doubts that we consist of energy or doubts that the things which we eat and what we feel and what we think has a definite effect on that life-force energy: Please go about your lives in your self-imposed cloud of willfully blind ignorance, rejecting any evidence of the wonderful, mystical, mind-blowing world all around you. And while you do, while you sit in your cozy cocoon of denial I, and others like me, will accomplish all the miracles that our hearts desire. Not a bad deal…

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Now, what did I do as per the description above? I merely noted a phenomenon and phone-orgonite.jpgmeasured it as I repeated it. This is called THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. For doing nothing more than that, Dr. Reich languished in prison till he died. I keep Orgonite in several rooms of my home. I also have an Orgonite button (which I made) attached to my cell phone. Several tests report that this acts as a shield against the harmful effects of a cell phone’s radiation, but as I have not personally conducted any tests, I cannot vouch for this. File it under “Better Safe Than Sorry,” a personal choice.

“Wilhelm Reich: Orgone Energy
And A Man’s Right To Know”

And with the above in mind, to whet your investigative appetite, I present this short film about the achievements – and, alas, the travails – of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. A true martyr to Science…

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