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tex antoineWell, not really doing something about the weather, but about weather forecasting. Yesterday, here in NYC, all the media weather “experts” predicted heavy rain. It never came. For today, they confidently told us to bundle up for chilly conditions. The temperature hit 82°. These experts have only one job to do, and they get it wrong way too often. Yet on a TV news show the weatherman often receives the highest salary! Records show that local meteorologists, at best, deliver an accurate prediction less than 60% of the time. This explains why they hedge their bets by saying things like “We have a 50% chance of rain” – meaning it will rain or… it won’t. Thanks guys. It’s ALWAYS going to rain or not. As a Tarot reader, if I had the dismal success record of a TV/Radio weatherman, I would have no clients. And deservedly so. Just listen to my Tarot reading show (Rev. Eliot’s Magickal Window) at the ask1radio archiveor listen in live at 11 Eastern Time on Wednesday nights – to see for yourself the accuracy of my Tarot readings. I don’t need to brag about my accuracy when I make my work available for people to hear. But why can’t weather predicting pros, with all their satellites and gazillions of dollars worth of equipment, not measure up to me, a plain, old fashioned Tarot reader? So I devised a plan and you can join me!

My Plan

From the Ancient Rome sections of the classic Buster Keaton film THREE AGES (1923). Just shows that even back in the 1920s bumbling weather forecasters made good comedy material…

I want to use occult means to predict the weather and compare the results with the professionals. For a set period of time I will use a pendulum to see if I may correctly divine the weather. I found a weather-related pendulum chart on-line and I will print it out and use it. Every night, I will use the chart and my pendulum to ask about the next day’s weather then verify the results at the end of the day, comparing it to the professional predictions. And I will check during the day, keeping meticulous records. And then I will report back. Try it yourself and let me know what happens. Here is the chart we will use together. Click on the image for a Hi-Res version then grab it to print. I use a 4×6 index card…

Weather Chart

Weather 4x6 Index Card copy

Click To Download

For a printable 4×6 chart with borders that fits on alaminating sheets blank index card – click the image on the left. I have found  the best print setting is: Borderless, 4×6 Scale to fit. After I’ve printed these, I laminate them with inexpensive but durable plastic sheets, like those on the right. Perfect for so many of my craft designs!

For a pendulum, you can use something as simple as a ring you generally wear,Pendulum hanging from a thread or string… or if you really want to get into it many beautiful pendulums may be purchased from reputable Occult Shops. Some made of beautiful stones.
Keep me posted! Let’s see who gets better results – Mr. Blow-Dry with his colorful maps, or the simple Esoteric Pendulum. Maybe we can all get jobs in TV predicting the weather!
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Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 10.33.12 PMIf  you have never tried Pendulum Divination, I can instruct you in this venerable art so that you will have the ability to seek answers yourself! It’s quite simple, and I provide everything you need to get started: Crystal pendulum, an assortment of answer boards for every need, full instructions, even phone and/or e-mail support!

Pendulum Board for Relationship Readings

Relationship Chart

Click This Image To Start Doing Your Own Pendulum Readings!

So if you have a question that is nagging at you and you believe that a pendulum reading suits your needs – or if you want to get set up to do readings for friends, clients, or yourself – just click the image of the answer board above to contact me. All prices guaranteed to affordable!

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