Have you heard of REMOTE VIEWING?

This is a SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFIED operation that allows one to SEE anywhere on earth… or in the universe! I have even used REMOTE VIEWING to GO BACK IN TIME. You can read about REMOTE VIEWING in this book:

Targ with Shadow

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Take a look at this fascinating movie about RV:

Remote Viewing Experiment

Below is a clip from the September 23, 2020 edition of REV. ELIOT’S MAGICKAL WINDOW. In this clip I relate my own experiment in REMOTE VIEWING…

Should you wish to hear the whole show, just click the old radio!

Vintage Radio

There are many wonderful RV courses available. These two, the SILVA and the O’DONNELL systems, have provided me with hours of wonderful RV experiences with their in-depth instruction!

RV kits

This single CD, from Dick Sutphen, strikes me as far more accessible than the more complex systems above. You can hit the ground running with the simple meditations of the Telecrux Power Course. It works wonders! I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Telecrux CD

Guess Who Is Interested In Remote Viewing…


Yes, the Central Intelligence Agency has spent decades devising RV procedures – which you will learn about in the documentary THIRD EYE SPIES (see Trailer above).
Would you like a copy of the CIA’s DECLASSIFIED Remote Viewing Procedure? Well…


I will add more tales of my experiences with
REMOTE VIEWING – and instructions! – soon…

More Coming Soon!

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