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Featured Product of the Month

3rd Pentacle of Venus Ceramic Mug

Thrid Venus Mug

Start your day knowing that you WILL ATTRACT LOVE! According to the book of Traditional Lore known as The Key of Solomon The King this Talisman can serve to attract Love, Respect and Admiration if shown to any person. Available in several sizes and styles.

Operate Your Brain AD edited

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Tarot Lover iPhone Case

case-mateThis form-fitting, featherlight Case-Mate custom case provides full coverage to your phone while still keeping your device ultra sleek and stylish.
  • Designed for the Apple iPhone 11
  • Slim profile and lightweight
  • Impact resistant, durable hard plastic
  • Case does not interfere with wireless charging
  • Lay-flat bezel to protect your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Access to all ports, controls & sensors
  • Glossy finish
  • Printed in the USA


Cold OUt There

Time For Some Tarot-Themed

Tarot Lover’s Lip Balm – Festooned with Historic Tarot Cards. Just the thing for the dry, cold weather! Your choice of flavor! PACKAGE OF 12 so you can share your love of Tarot! Unflavored Cherry Spearmint Vanilla Pomegranate Piña Colada Watermelon Birthday Cake

Lip Balm

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Pyramid Seal #8 Silver Plated Necklace

Tarot Timepieces!

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Tarot Themed WatchesA Tarot Lover's Pocket Watch

Vintage Hoodoo Catalog
Ceramic Mugs

Hoodoo MUGS

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Entering The Light
Talking Board/ Jigsaw Puzzle

My photograph of “souls entering the light” now as a 30-piece Jigsaw Puzzle/Talking Board – fit for use when put together!
Entering The Light Puzzle with Shadow copy

Want Something A
Bit More Challenging?

Click the image to see sizes up of
56 pieces, 110 pieces…
Up To 520 pieces!

110-Piece Talking Board Puzzle

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3.
Small parts may pose possible choking hazard.


It’s The MoJo Bros. Talking Board
In A Sturdy Serving Tray!



Talking Board Tray

“LIVEN” up your parties by communicating with the departed! Invite your favorite people from history! Does it work? Who knows! But one thing’s for sure – you’ll start some fascinating conversations among your living guests! Available in TWO sizes – click image for details


Colorful Talking Board Tray

Available In Black (as seen above) or In Wood. In TWO Sizes! Click Image For Options.

COLORFUL Pastel StylePastel Talking Board Tray

Piece of Pie.gif

The recipe for this DELICIOUS pumpkin pie – displayed on a Talking Board Tray! – dates back to American 18th Century Colonial Times. To get the recipe yourself CLICK THE IMAGE!

Pie Tray Final for web

Click the Image to get the recipe for this Colonial Era pumpkin Pie!

Here’s A Very Popular Item
With Everyone Going GREEN!
A Tarot Lover’s TOTE BAG.
Now in TWO versions!
Quite Reasonably Priced.

Historic Tarot Tote

Tote Bag

Two 10oz natural canvas sizes available. Small measures 15″x15″ with 26.5″ reinforced fabric handles. Medium measures 15″x18″x6″ with 22″ reinforced fabric handles with full side and bottom support gussets. Machine wash cold inside out like colors, tumble dry low. Imported!



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You know how I always say that HUNCHES is the best book I ever read about recognizing and developing psychic abilities? Well now it’s good for developing hand/eye coordination! I always had a soft spot for this book cover. Now it’s the basis for a jigsaw puzzle. 

You Can’t Say I Don’t
Carry Unique Items…
It’s A Tarot Lover’s Shower Curtain!

Shower Curtain

Here’s something you don’t see every day… but you
will if you get one! A Sturdy shower curtain festooned
with historic Tarot cards! Liner Available Too!


philosophical t-shirts

Men Women Sardonicus T-Shirt #1

Okay, it’s a silly philosophy
but it does make sense!

Journey 10000 Miles

Available for MEN and WOMEN

Select From Many Size/Color Options

From Vending Collection

The Vending Machine Tarot
Coffee Mug Collection.

Back in the trippy 1960s, every HIPPIE in good standing simply had to carry a deck of Tarot cards. For those without a deck, THE VENDING MACHINE TAROT came to the rescue! Yes, this deck came in GUMBALL machines standing outside of HEAD-SHOPS (a Hippie “speakeasy”). The deck consisted of the 22 MAJOR TAROT ARCANA. Among collectors, originals of this deck go for BIG bucks. Images come from a vintage, original set of cards in my personal collection – lovingly restored.

These mugs come in various sizes and styles – from a standard mug to a beer stein… even available as a MORPHING MUG! Click the image to see these and more mugs in my collection. 

Vending Mugs For Website



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