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  • Makes All Your Ritual Timing Decisions A Snap!

  • Forget Relying On Others!

  • Say Good-Bye To Confusing Charts!

  • Consult A Simple List!

  • Find Date Of New Moon, Line Up The Dials!

  • Find “Best Time” For Working Your Ritual!

   Even for the seasoned Esoteric Practitioner, finding the best day and time for working a Magick ritual can present great difficulty. If you have ever worked with the traditional “Planetary Hours,” you know how this system forces you to perform cal­culations best described as counter-intuitive. Depending on the time of year, under the Planetary Hour system a single hour can last only 43 minutes in the morning and more than 80 minutes at night. And then on top of all this, you have to find just the right planet for your specific goal. To find a day and time, you need an almanac to learn the exact time of sunrise and sunset in your longitude and latitude and then you need to consult a confusing chart which assigns a planet to each hour from sunup to sundown, and from sundown to sunup. Then you divide the number of minutes of light and dark by twelve to get the length of hours, and after that you figure out which specific planet rules your specific intention. Oy! I get an Excedrin® Headache just thinking about it!


And that brings us to the amazing

   The amazing “Ritual Timing Calculator” takes all the drudgery and speculation out of a magician’s ritual timing decisions. You just consult a simple, plainly written Chart of Intentions that corresponds to the signs of the Zodiac. You will find this system much more precise because we have only 7 working planets… but we have twelve signs of the Zodiac.

   No other calculation method puts ritual timing decisions right at your fingertips with the ease and accuracy of the amazing “Ritual Timing Calculator.” You simply match your intention with the proper section of the chart, then find the date of the New Moon closest to the time when you want to do the ritual. With a few quick twists of the dials you determine a propitious day and exact hour for working your ritual. No other system comes close to this simplicity! Full instructions come with each calculator.

   I hand-make each Timing Calcula­tor and sign them, in Magickal Ink, with the date of making. The calculator comes in two full-color sizes: the “Handy Vest Pocket Size” & “Large,” which allows for even finer calculations. Whichever size you choose, you will never again struggle with ambiguous timing determinations because…


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A Special Super Tiny Calculator I Wear In My Lapel! Of Course, I Make Bigger Calculators…

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