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Imagine discovering a secret window; a window centuries old. Now imagine if, through this ancient window, you could see far-off places and times. And what if you had a device which let you take pictures through this window? With a window

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The Beautiful “Aquarian Tarot” – The Deck I Use On Ask1Radio

into time plus a device to take snapshots of any point in time, you would possess a powerful tool for expanding knowledge and under-standing of events; events which have happened and events which may yet happen. With the ability to take snapshots of events as they unfold, you could gain valuable insights into life.

Sound far-fetched? What if I told you that humankind has had just such a window and just such a picture-taking device at our disposal for thousands of years?  Many people believe we have just such a window and camera in THE BOOK OF TAROT. In the hands of the skilled TAROT Reader, these ancient cards can open up the Universe before your eyes. We call the reading of TAROT DIVINATION. Do not confuse this with fortune telling! The legitimate Reader will never tell you things like “I see a tall, dark stranger coming to you by sea with good news.” They will never tell you “this or that will happen.” Melodramatic readings always signify the unctuous charlatan more eager to get you in his clutches than to help you gain insights into life.

POINT TO REMEMBER: The BOOK OF TAROT exists to HELP YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFE. While TAROT does not show you the future, it can indicate a possible future. 

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