Tarot Timepieces!

Time, as we know it, does not exist in nature. Humans devised time as a social construct… mostly so we won’t miss lunch. Here’s the great ALAN WATTS on How To Spend (a Life) Time:

Time may not exist… But clocks and watches do exist! Here I present a few designed for the Tarot Aficionado.

A Tarot Lover’s Pocket Watch

What could be more stylish than a good old-fashioned pocket watch? Retro in a Cary Grant kind of way, these never go out of style! Now get a beautiful watch with a design that proclaims your love of tarot! IN SILVER-TONE or GOLD-TONE for any occasion. CLICK THE IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION!
A Tarot Lover's Pocket Watch


A Tarot Lover’s Wrist Watch

A simple classic – available in many styles and color options – for men, women, children! CLICK THE WATCH BELOW to see all the style options!
Tarot Lover's Wrist Watch


Vending Machine Tarot Wrist Watch
The High Priestess

Back in the heady 1960s, every HIPPIE in good standing simply had to carry a deck of Tarot cards. For those without a deck, THE VENDING MACHINE TAROT came to the rescue! Yes, this deck came in GUMBALL machines standing outside of HEAD-SHOPS (a Hippie “speakeasy”). The deck consisted of the 22 MAJOR TAROT ARCANA. Among collectors, originals of this deck go for BIG bucks. Created from an original set of these rare cards – it’s The High Priestess!

High Priestess Watch


A Tarot Lover’s Wall Clock

Make a proud statement in your home or office! Perfect for Card Readers. Click the image for shape and size options.
Tarot Lover's Clock
Rev. Eliot At
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A Special NON-Tarot Timepiece!

Here’s a favorite of mine – a wrist watch that won’t ever need winding or a new battery. As with the Stonehenge Pocketwatch over at the TOYS page, this timepiece works as a good old-fashioned sundial! Look around the internet – especially Ebay – and you should find these for well under $20. It comes with a compass built in (you need to aim it North) and instructions etched on the back (because “sun time” does not always match up with our clock time). Search under “steampunk brass wrist compass” for a selection.


Time For A Tarot Reading?

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