The Great Beast Speaks

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These recordings are the only known examples of The Great Beast – meaning Master Magician Aleister Crowley – speaking!
On this SEALED Compact Disc you will:
HEAR Crowley recite his poetry!
Follow along with The Gnostic Mass!


Most sources erroneously claim that a young Aleister
Crowley made these recordings in the 1920s (or even the teens)
using old-style Edison cylinders. In reality, Crowley recorded
these on 78rpm discs in November and December
of 1936, at the age of 61.

Now and then, another CD will hit the market.
But THIS is the ONLY one to get. Why?
No other CD comes with inserts that show you…

The original discs were made using very primitive recording technology. And many of the words used are rarely heard outside OCCULT/ARCANE world. This makes some of the tracks very hard to understand. Here is an example:

Pretty rough going, right? WE HAVE FIXED THAT! We did it by cross-checking Crowley’s voluminous writings. Since these records captured Crowley reading his own works, we went through all available copies of Crowley’s published texts and found the “lyrics” for these recitations. Mojo Bros. Publishing is honored to make available THE ONLY CD OF THE GREAT BEAST SPEAKS that lets the listener follow along.  Try playing the selection above, but this time… follow along:

My finger-nails grow on my fingers, and
My fingers are fixed firmly to my hand.
It is my hand that terminates my arm,
And that sticks to my shoulder like a charm.
My shoulder is a portion of my trunk.
I hope no prostitute, however drunk,
Would end the shocking sequence. Yet we find,
Even in England, men of evil mind,
Pornographers who love obscene details,
Shameless enough to mention finger-nails.

WOW! What a difference that makes! Listen to all the recordings and be among the few who know what Crowley said so many, many years ago!


Each sealed CD – with the words to Crowley’s recitations – costs just $17.50 plus S/H.
To get your copy or to learn more, fill out the form below:

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