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What IS Magick?

Here is a good start for this section: a scientist explains what magick is, how it works, and the attitude of science, through the ages, toward new concepts…


Secrets of the Occult – Part 1 (The Magicians)


Secrets of the Occult – Part 2 (The Scientists)


A Tarot Documentary Narrated By… Christopher Lee!


A 1976 Documentary On Psychic Abilities – Hosted By Raymond Burr


Historically, objections to seances and the Ouija come from priests of “major” religions who, naturally, rebel at the very concept of “ordinary” people contacting spirits without the help of their church. The religion called Spiritualism and the popularity of Talking Boards (Ouija) gave us the power to pierce the veil without the help of an organized priesthood, freeing people spiritually while delivering a veritable one-two punch to the orthodoxy who historically convinced people that they and they alone held spiritual power. Same goes for the use of Tarot cards…

Want to know about being a medium? If so THIS is the book for you!
Click on the image to learn more about this fascinating document…

Medium Collection———–

The Magician and Singer Lon Milo Duquette on Qabalah


                     Your Humble Servant – Rev. Eliot – Spinning a PSI Wheel
Here, during what was meant as only a lighting test, I manipulate the PSI wheel in accordance to my will. I cropped out the top because I did not intend to keep this lighting test and thus… neglected to shave and organize what’s left of my hair. This way I focus in on the wheel. Anyone wanting to learn how to do this need only look at my book on the subject. CLICK HERE


Scientist DEAN RADIN on his ground-breaking book REAL MAGIC

real magic


The Secrets of Quantum Physics!

Here’s A Fascinating One If You Stick With It.
An Easy-To-Follow Talk About Quantum Mechanics.
What’s This Got To Do With Magick? Everything!
Science Is Now Coming To Understand What Occultists
Have Known For CENTURIES: The Universe Is All Energy.
Nothing Exists Until We Look At It.
Sound Bizarre?
Spend An Hour With This Most Enlightening Film


Some Books From MOJO BROS. Publishing

And finally… COOKING!

Yes, I said cooking. We cannot expect to function at our best on an Occult Level without taking good care of our Earthly needs – such as nutritious food. This next video will help turn you into an expert in the art of traditional Chinese Wok cooking.
Here’s a typical Chinese meal as I make them:IMG_0033

Yes, it tastes as good as it looks! This is nutritious food cooked in no time at all. You can easily master the Wok yourself – and become a healthy magician – by following these simple methods:

Oval Stamp -extra Bonus Just For You

simon copy

Over at THIS LINK I dedicate a whole page exclusively to my all-time favorite Magick Movie. Well here’s one of the runners up! Along with THE DEVIL RIDES OUT (aka: The Devil’s Bride) this film stands one of only a handful of movies that show the REAL philosophy and Karmic workings of Magick. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek and, in places, over-the-top – but it’s from 1971, which for all intents and purposes was still the Sixties, so we should expect at least some excesses. Despite the aura of “camp” the Ritual fundamentals presented are solid and sound. I will leave this film posted here as long as the film remains at YouTube – this is the only watchable copy of the whole film over there. New high-quality restorations exist on DVD and Blu-Ray.
EXTRA CREDIT if you know which tarot deck Simon uses at the party!
HINTIt is NOT the Rider/Waite/Colman deck although it looks like it is. Think 60s…



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